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How to increase website traffic ?

Published 3 months ago5 min read4 comments
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Blog Credits : Sai Mane Deshmukh

Getting traffic on website is easy ,but target traffic is Hard thing.
How to get targeted audience on website...?

1.)Content :- For targeting Audience on your website you should firstly keep in mind about what is your website about,after that writting quality content which is related to your field is important thing.Now as you know you have to write content about your field one more thing to keep in mind is content on your website should not be a copy pasted content as google detects it so accurately and marks it as duplicate content which can harm your website ranking.
2) SEO Optimisation :- After Creating website make sure you upload your website's site map to Google Search Console which makes Google Crwaller easy to Crawl your website and changes to get displayed in google search increases. 3)Social media marketing :- Now when your website is ready start your branding by posting your products advertisements on Social media like Instagram reels,instagram posts,facebook,pinintrest,etc. 4)Optimize for local search:- For optimising your website in local areas you can use google business listing ,Local business lisitng directories,etc. Doing this is not that easy as it requires experties and lot of research , Hire A Web developer who will do all your website management stuffs by himself at some monthly Charges. Website developer Contact :- 8686 075570 or visit :- dhandabadhao.in

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